by Fuck Eyes

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video for the song "Quite Crippled" included with the download of the album


released May 17, 2012

Mike Prezzato-vocals, guitars, bass
Ryan Radtke-drums
Natasha Beste-additional vocals
April Novak-cover model

recorded and mixed at Tuebor Recordings, Hamtramck, MI



all rights reserved


Fuck Eyes Detroit, Michigan

"Spits/Reatard drenched garage punk with hooks galore" -MaximumRocknRoll

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Track Name: Social Death
you wont pick me apart
and I wont talk you to death
you're not a vulture
and I'm not a pile of flesh
I'm trapped in a grave
and all your words are worms
no more pretty faces
underneath the dirt

isolation always
a social skeleton
the fun was never real
and you just cant deal
I wont be seen
It's a pointless dream
invisible anxiety
it's just not for me

fake smiles wont call you on the phone
what will you do when you're alone
I wont be like the rest
I want to die a social death
Track Name: Stained Glass
it looks so nice
a bleak design
their holy crimes
up in lights
I want to look
into the past
see neon eyes
and a plastic death

stained glass still shatters
an open mind's an open sore

there's cracks in my reflection
your face in broken mirrors
I look into the past
I see it all so clear
in dreams I haunt myself
there's no one else
leave a light on for me
so I can blow it out
Track Name: Frozen Face
I see
green eyes
in dreams
at night

so hard
to ignore
it's cold frustration forming

that frozen face
a complete waste
always on my mind
and I cant hide

it's ice
those lips
cant take
one glimpse

it's bleak
it's gray
it never goes away now
Track Name: Generation Self-Destruct
let's start another generation

it's all forming in my mind
and I don't sleep at night
we have no control in our vision
I wont grow old

generation generation
self destruction self destruction

now we're going down
there's no control now
there are no words to this song
I cant be wrong
Track Name: Control Ray
blank tubes dominate
shifting thoughts to an empty state
don't need your telepathic interference
cant resist your mental insistence

I don't mind your control ray

I'm not on a frequency
no one will tune into me
mind control in invisible spectrum
I obey your psychic persuasion
Track Name: Non Natus
I live but
I was never born

it's a cut
in your gut
take me out
stitch you up
in my eyes
you're a crime
there's no future
in your lies

it's ok
it's a way
out of here
world of fear
no one wants
a broken key
break the lock
suspend the dream
Track Name: Violent Touch
life's a death camp
you're a fly on the wall

black eyes turn me on
I'm not the only one
there's something in your eyes
that turns the violence on
Track Name: Electrocute
sending shocks to my brain
now things don't seem the same
I want a negative charge
but there's a better way

nine volts from your heart
are tearing me apart
electric currents in my head today

electrons on your palms
your hands wont do no harm
I want a negative charge
and your electric parts
Track Name: Quite Crippled
it's a dream that never goes away
nightmare in disguise for all to see
it's a crime that I'm still in your eyes
in the dark is where I saw the light

psychic puke spreads across the room
it's the vibe that will spell my doom
old black worms shriveled in the sun
all these humans look quite crippled
Track Name: No Receiver
I try to explain but I'm a dream
they hear my words but they're meaningless
I see a light and they stomped it out
on a broken line without a hope

no receiver

I try to relate but I'm a ghost
psychic connection there's no one close
if you a hear a voice then it's a scream
if you receive I wont believe
Track Name: Return of the Dead
punks in a grave on Saturday night
cracked the lid now nothing is right
out of the ground they're never going to stop
and by the way, send more cops

look out now, they want your head
back to life, return of the dead

d e a d dead
Track Name: Song in the Dark
I don't want to say a word
conversation is a curse
talking is a waste of time
it's a song in the dark